How much will it cost? 

The estimated rents and service charges to live in a bungalow at The Cliffs are: 


Rent (2 bedroom bungalow) 

Rent (2 bedroom bungalow)  £98.00 per week (eligible for housing benefit)
Rent (3 bedroom bungalow)  £114.00 per week (eligible for housing benefit) 
Service charge (i.e. ground maintenance) £2.00 per week (eligible for housing benefit)
Personal charge (i.e. HomeCall 24 hour service)  £4.57 per week

Depending upon your income, you may qualify for housing benefit, which can cover all or part of your rent; our Rent & Income Advisors will work with you to see if you are eligible.


Please note prices are estimated. Rent and service charges shown are subject to Beyond Housing's rent service charge review. 

Care and support 

To live at The Cliffs, you must already have had your needs assessed and be receiving care and support.  

When you move into The Cliffs, your care and support needs could change. Your social care worker will re-assess your needs and agree a support plan with you. This will include information about the care and support you need, and the times that you need it. You may be able to continue to use the same care provider that supported you before you moved. However, if the care provider cannot continue to provide your care, for example because they do not have carers that work in Brotton, the council will help you to choose an alternative, and will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Your planned care and support is not provided free of charge. This means that you will be charged for the service. This charge is in addition to the rent that you will pay. If you would like help towards the cost of your care, you will need to contact the council to ask for a financial assessment.

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