Welcome to Redcare


Redcare provides bespoke extra care housing for older and vulnerable people across Redcar and Cleveland. 


Improved medical care and technologies mean that people are living longer, but this doesn’t always mean they are living better.


Our homes offer quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your every need is taken care of. Giving you the opportunity to live life as you choose, with access to varying levels of independence and support. You get your own home, with your own front door and your own freedom to live independently, in a safe and secure environment.


Extra care accommodation gives you so much more than a place to live; it creates a supportive and inclusive community with access to a range of additional onsite services. Within the extra care development, space is leased to local businesses, such as hairdressing salons, providing access to a range of additional facilities right on your doorstep. But this isn’t all.


The facilities are also open to the wider local community, as they’re invited to make use of the catering and other businesses on offer. Not only does this benefit the whole community, but helps counter some of the issues experienced by the older and more vulnerable people living in the extra care community, such as social isolation.


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